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CASTEL ALU, VIRY and VILQUIN on the Saclay Campus

As part of the construction of the new university campus of GENES ENSAE PARITECH, called the Saclay Campus, the contract for the facades, exterior joinery and cladding has been awarded to the CASTEL ALU and VIRY consortium.

The frameworks lot was awarded to VILQUIN in this operation.

VIRY has been made responsible in particular for the manufacture of the mobile, glass sunshades that are to be slaved according to the parameters of comfort of the indoor areas in terms of temperature and luminosity while at the same time ensuring the ergonomics of users.

The 507 rectangular units of3.3 m by2.1 m, each made up of 17 horizontal slats, incorporated in the outside, steel load-bearing structure, contribute to the lightness of the building. All the mechanical components are incorporated in the structural posts and are therefore invisible.  

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