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The 1939-1945 Hall was delivered at the end of May 2015. The opening ceremony was held on 11th June 2015 in the presence of the sponsor David H. Dewhurst. This new exhibition hall is dedicated to the World War II aircraft and has been open to the public since 12th June 2015.

The Air and Space Museum entrusted VIRY with the construction of a new hall housing the WWII Aircraft collection.

* The 1733m² building envelope reminds the aerodynamic profile of spaceships.

* The structure is made of 8 gantry cranes, weighing 180 tons of self-weathering steel.

* Aligned with the roof, 7 rows of shade screens protect the runway-facing façade, providing an important natural lightning for the exhibition hall.

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Oration of the sponsor
“This new exhibition hall is the result of the partnership between the Air and Space Museum, the Utah Beach D-Day Museum, and the Dewhurst Foundation. It reflects the profound esteem that unite our three institutions. I can see in its opening a tribute paid to my father, the wing commander David Dewhurst, Jr.,  B26 pilot, who took part in 85 missions during WWII and was a squadron leader on D-Day 6th June 1944, and through him, a tribute to all the allied soldiers who, thanks to their bravery and sacrifice, could give its freedom back to Europe.”

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