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Two material-handling lots in the nuclear industry

On the strength of its experience in the nuclear industry, in particular on the sites of the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), COMETE was awarded the two material handling lots in the call for tenders of the DIADEM project on the CEA’s site in Marcoule (30).

DIADEM is designed to receive and stock radioactive waste from the dismantling of various CEA installations prior to their shipment to final storage centres.

The first contract (€1.6 M), awarded to COMETE alone, for the supply of general material handling equipment, consists essentially of a 35-ton maximum security overhead travelling crane, of one 3.2 ton overhead travelling crane, of 8 monorails and of one lifting beam.

Under the second contract (€4.4 M) awarded with the participation of CEGELEC CEM, COMETE will supply an underground lorry transporting the containers in armoured cells from the intake area together with a gantry crane designed to transfer the containers to the storage channels. The contract runs until 2017.

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