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10B crane at Toulon navy base

Joseph Paris designed, manufactured, assembled and commissioned this luffing boom crane
A cable-controlled luffing boom crane

A cable-controlled luffing boom crane

The 10B crane is a cable-controlled luffing boom crane, articulated on a rotating chassis, without counterbalancing. A balance weight is placed at the rear of the winch room. The crane's overall design ensures mechanical levelling of both hoists.

Specific characteristics:

- Nuclear security requirements: earthquakes, extreme wind, excess-pressure wave, fire, availability, integrity after attack, collision, falling load, etc.
- Level of operator cabin floor: +30.00m
- Level of highest point of maintenance jib crane (Top of tower) +82.00m.
Crane characteristics

Crane characteristics

Main hoist capacity and reach:

- 120T from 15.0m to 47.0m
- 50T at 60.0m

Auxiliary hoist capacity and reach:

- 10T from 21.0m to 65.0m

Height jib raised: 100m
Tonnage: 1,350T
Track spacing: 18m
Construction: 2014 – 2016

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