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4 hangars for the A350

4 hangars for the A350

4 hangars for the A350

Castel & Fromaget constructed a building containing four Airbus A350 assembly units.

Designed by the Toulouse-based architects Calvo & Tran-Van, the structure is 35m high, 100m wide and 320m long. The work on this design and envelope construction contract (framework, roof, cladding, main doors) worth nearly €25m, managed by Castel & Fromaget, winner of the steel framework package, was done in 2013 after a 7- to 8-month design phase at Castel & Fromaget.

ADC equipped the building with 10 special bridge cranes: Eight 10-tonne triple-rail bridge cranes (length: 63.5m, height: 17m) and two 5-tonne two-rail bridge cranes (length: 22.5m, height: 26m). This final contract has a €3.25m budget.

Our brands involved in the project

Castel & Fromaget

Specialist in the design, manufacturing and building of steel construction projects.


Lifting and handling equipment specialist.