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Alguésens biofaçade

Setup of an algae cultivation facility on a residential building according to a prototype developed on CSTB's pilot façade in Champs Sur Marne
Micro-algae for medical research

Micro-algae for medical research

On Boulevard du Général Jean Simon, known for its numerous universities and research centres, the biofaçade will allow micro-algae with high-added-value for medical research to be cultivated in biological solar collectors: photobioreactors (PBR).

This dual-layer biofaçade is made from transparent glass panels outside the apartment building's bedroom windows and the PBR where the micro-algae are cultivated. Three horizontal PBRs called raceways will be installed on the roof terrace. This living, productive façade, animated by the movement of air bubbles behind the glass, will protect the apartments from both sun and noise.

Duration of design and construction: 22 months
Acceptance: March 2021

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