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ENSAE – Saclay Campus

Our Vilquin and Viry subsidiaries are heavily involved on this project
ENSAE - Campus de Saclay
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High-tech structures
The technical and aesthetic design of the ENSAE project is characterised by an external façade and exo-structure on a modular framework. The vast majority of the steel frameworks in the works package awarded to VILQUIN SAS are actually designed to remain visible and have no additional casing. The quality, accuracy and precision of the machining, manufacturing, construction and installation of these structures were essential for the final quality of the architectural work. This approach also allows the construction of structures with a "rough/finished" finish quality that means we can avoid using any “fragile” finishing coatings, meeting the durability and reduced maintenance criteria required by this type of site.
ENSAE Saclay
Floor area: 10,000m²
The school has a 10,000m² floor area and 4 levels. Its fine structure supports façade modules equipped with motorised or fixed sunshades. Viry installed 7,300 horizontal glass sunshade blades articulated with electric motors, 30 fixed screens with blades inclined at 45°, and 27 fire-access vents. All the sunshades on the façades are installed with an aluminium load-bearing structure that fits perfectly into Vilquin's external load-bearing framework, the result of close cross-disciplinary collaboration at Fayat Metal.
motorised sunshades
sunshade blades
fire-access vents
Our subsidiaries involved in the project
Specialist in the construction of complex architectural structures.
Specialist in steel structures, roofing and cladding.