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Rolland-Garros stadium extension

As part of the Roland-Gallos stadium extension project, Viry was awarded the steel framework, lightweight façade, metal- and ironworks packages
A particularly complex project

A particularly complex project

The project includes the construction of a 4,902-seater court, based in the garden of the Auteuil Greenhouses, surrounded by stands. To better fit into this prestigious setting, the stands are surrounded by four greenhouses, 70m and 42m long. VIRY was awarded the packages including the construction of:

- the steel framework of the stands - 230t of steel
- the steel framework of the greenhouses - 220t of steel
- the envelope of the greenhouses, approx. 5,000m² of glazing
- miscellaneous equipment, awnings, glass guard rails, metalwork, etc.



5,000 m²

of glazing
Extension du stade Rolland Garros

An ATEx (Technical Experimentation Assessment) procedure for the construction of the glass-panelled roof

The tennis court is surrounded by open stands on all 4 sides, formed from slender metal porticos with glass risers. The partially-underground court is bordered by 4 exhibition greenhouses, which can be visited by the public, set to house exotic plants from the City of Paris's botanical garden. Their light and transparent structure supports double-glazed glass panels set up with inverted inclines. The assembly of the stand and greenhouse frameworks has been completed.

Customer: French Tennis Federation
Architect: Marc Mimram

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