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Val d'Europe shopping centre

As part of a more than 17,000m² extension, our subsidiaries Viry and Vilquin were selected to build the glass roofs
Val d'Europe

12,000 manufacturing hours for the framework

The structure is made up of 8 curved roof trusses, supported by tie rods, spanning 35m. Some 160 jack rafters and 1,000 purlins make up the secondary structure that holds up the roof. The framework was built in VIRY's workshops (12,000 hours) then assembled on site using 20m-high shoring towers. Once the entire structure had been adjusted and the tie rods set up, the pre-stressing of the structure meant the glass roof could be removed from its shorings in precisely predetermined phases.

24 m


90 m



Val d'Europe

A spectacular structure

Topped with metal and glass, the 24m-high, 90m-long structure is the focal point of the shopping centre. The glass roof is trapezoid-shaped with semi-rounded ends, equipped with an opaque summit skylight and has two slightly-sloping sides.

Our subsidiary Vilquin was also involved in building two 24m-high glass roofs.

Our subsidiaries involved in the project


Specialist in the construction of complex architectural structures.


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