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Fayat Métal, general contractor in steel construction

Turnkey and wind and watertight delivery

Turnkey and wind and watertight delivery

Thanks to the extensive scope of the activities of its different entities and its meticulous management of the worksites placed under its charge, Fayat Metal can serve as a general contractor for steel construction activities.

Over and above its core business of delivering a wind and wateright construction, it regularly extends its activity to serve as a turnkey contractor covering all the different trades for operations on structures in which steel predominates.

Fayat Metal provides all the necessary technical, financial and punctuality guarantees to satisfy demanding industrial and institutional clients in search of a turnkey solution. Our entities work in synergy with each other and cover not only the construction, but also the maintenance and renovation of structures.

Whatever the sector of activity, in industry or in the service sector, Fayat Metal can propose a high-performance, turnkey solution: from design through to assembly of the building, and even including technical support in its operation and maintenance.
Grands projets

Major projects

Fayat Metal is also a key player in the construction of major projects featuring either exceptional dimensions or outstanding architectural exploits. The division has engineering and production capabilities, as well as organisational skills that make it an essential and much-in-demand partner. Enhanced project management, technical and synthetic design (general contracting), quality controls across the entire production chain, assembly methodologies and comprehensive site organisation anticipated from day 1: our teams possess and use all these skills to help our customers to adapt to the requirements of every area of business.
Public-private partnership operations

PPP contracts

Fayat Metal invests regularly in public-private partnership (PPP) operations, working with technical and financial partners and with investors inside and outside the Group on the design, construction, maintenance and even operation of major amenities for local authorities. Among our references in PPP, we can mention the Matmut Atlantique Stadium in Bordeaux or the Athletics Stadium of Angoulême.

Lifting and handling equipment

With more than 50 years' experience in the design and manufacturing of lifting and handling equipment, Fayat Metal has developed a wide range of equipment to meet all types of needs. Standard bridge cranes (premium or value range), special, custom or complex lifting equipment, cable hoists, etc. All this expertise allows us to offer reliable and highly-secure solutions for all types of industries.

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