Graduate Program

At FAYAT METAL, we reveal high potential.

The Graduate Program at Fayat METAL!



At FAYAT METAL, we reveal high potential.
BOOSTE is a tailor-made programme that allows you to enrich your experience by carrying out your project.
By taking part in BOOSTE, you will have the privilege of being accompanied by a mentor to accelerate your learning. It's the ideal way to develop rapidly and boost your career.
Our Graduate programme is part of our commitment to recruiting talented young people on permanent contracts. Versatility, discovery and responsibility are the watchwords of your two years with us!


All different, but all ambitious. The FAYAT METAL Graduate Programme meets a specific need: your Project, a tailor-made career path in line with your professional intentions.
On a permanent contract with mobility across all our entities, you will have the opportunity to discover 4 functions: Design Engineer, Works Engineer, Costing Engineer, Plant Engineer in our business areas of expertise: Steel Construction, Architectural Construction and Lifting, Handling.
We want this project to be flexible and adaptable to your aspirations.


Graduate Program Fayat METAL - What does it consist of ?