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Architectural construction and major projects

Whether for new build or refurbishment, FAYAT METAL has established itself as a specialist in metal structures and works with a strong aesthetic and technical dimension.


Architectural construction & major projects

Our subsidiaires


Specialist in complex metal structures, facades and glass roofs, ACML puts its know-how at the service of your architectural projects


Viry, a metal construction company, is recognized for its know-how in the production of complex architectural works that closely combine steel and glass. It also masters hybrid technologies and the integration of new materials.
Since the 1960s, Viry has stood out for its constant search for high-performance technical and industrial solutions. The company has obtained the highest qualification awarded in the profession: Qualibat 2414 "exceptional technicality".


CASTEL ALU specializes in exterior joinery and aluminum and glass facades.
We belong to the Architectural Construction and Aluminum division of the FAYAT METAL division.
We support our customers everywhere in France, in new construction and renovation, on office projects, educational buildings, functional structures or in the hospital sector


With FAYAT METAL GRANDS PROJETS, the FAYAT METAL division has made the development of a Major Projects activity central to its strategic plan, making the most of its multi-trade technical and design expertise (steel structures, mixed structures, façades and roofing in all materials).

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