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The metal

A material with unrivalled architectural and environmental properties

What is metal?


Fast construction, light weight and a comfortable living environment are some of the advantages of steel construction. A steel framework gives you great architectural freedom. Large spans are also possible with this construction method. Used in all types of structures, from the most modest projects to prestigious large buildings, steel adapts to the most demanding construction conditions and has established itself as the unfailing ally of the high environmental quality of both buildings and living environments.

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From extraction of raw materials to disassembly of structures, steel contributes to 100% responsible construction. It meets every environmental requirement and is central to a high environmental quality approach. As a construction material, steel plays its part in this resource-saving process by fulfilling its functions using fewer raw materials

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The excellent weight to strength ratio offers a very wide range of architectural possibilities and results in light and thin structures, leaving a large amount of room for light and fitting harmoniously into their surroundings. The combination of steel with other materials allows a multitude of heat and sound insulation solutions. Thanks to a wide range of protection systems, steel conserves its properties over the structure's entire lifespan and makes it last longer.

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A steel construction has the advantage of being disassemblable, completely safely and cleanly, making it easier to separate and recycle materials without dumping. During disassembly, the building's components are more easily separated. As steel is easily recovered thanks to its perfectly organised sector, this allows for recycling of other waste and makes the overall disassembly process more profitable. Comfort, design, safety, savings, conservation of resources: these are all advantages for construction and contribute to high environmental quality.


Using less material is one of steel's advantages. Its mechanical qualities naturally optimise the relationship between mass and strain. This makes wide spans possible, offering a great deal of freedom in terms of interior design or (re)design. Material is used only where it is necessary and the assembly system easily adapts to all types of modifications (extension, raising, etc.). The servicing and maintenance of steel constructions benefit from treatments that make structures such as façades and roofs last longer. Whatever the architectural choices, these treatments provide fully satisfying aesthetic and functional longevity. As a result, the overall cost of steel constructions, like their environmental cost, is particularly competitive.

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