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BOOSTE is a tailor-made programme that allows you to enrich your experience by carrying out your project.

Booste, a made-to-measure programme!

Graduate Program Clément R

Interview of Clément RAINHA

Define Boost in 1 sentence or 3 words

It's pretty hard to sum up two years of training in a single sentence! But if I had to choose, I'd say 'exploring new experiences'.

What do you expect from the Booste programme?

My expectations are twofold. On the one hand, as I'm still undecided about which path to follow, I'm hoping that one of the missions on offer will trigger something in me that will push me to choose my path. As I'm quite communicative, I'm looking forward to the industrial engineer job in a factory. On the other hand, I'd like to actively discover the different stages of a project: price study, company management, design and industrialisation. I think these experiences will help me to get a more global view of a project and guide me to make better decisions in the future.

Tell us about your educational background.

After taking a scientific baccalauréat, I decided to go into engineering by enrolling in the integrated preparatory cycle at Polytech in Clermont-Ferrand. Being from Auvergne, I wanted to stay close to my mountains for my studies! After these two preparatory years, I joined the Engineering Physics stream, specialising in the physics of materials, where I was trained in a wide range of fields, including the resistance of materials, metallurgy and computer-aided modelling (where I even took part in the modelling of a solar-powered car that is currently in production!) At the end of this course, I had the opportunity to do a work placement in the sheet metal industry, which I really enjoyed. I felt that I was part of a whole and that my decisions could have both good and bad consequences.

Why did you choose our Booste Graduate Program?

When the head of recruitment contacted me about joining Fayat Metal's Booste Graduate Program, I immediately saw an opportunity. Despite the fact that my degree was in materials physics, the knowledge I acquired during my studies means that I can work in a wide range of fields. I clearly hadn't made up my mind what path to follow and being able to try out several different professions was a godsend for me, as I didn't want to miss out on anything.

How did your integration go?

My integration went very well. My colleagues got me into the swing of things straight away, I got on very quickly with them and we often eat together, even outside the company. As far as the work itself is concerned, I've been given enough time to get used to the world of lifting, which I wasn't yet familiar with. Once again, my colleagues and my tutor, who's in charge of the Engineering Department, have been very supportive during my apprenticeship, and I feel that I'm getting better every day!




Interview of Marion POUSSOT

What do you expect from the Booste programme?

I'm looking to gain experience and an overview. It's important for me to relax my know-how while keeping an open mind. The variety of tasks on offer in this programme will enable me to develop in this direction.

Define Boost in 1 sentence or 3 words

It's an opportunity for those who want to continue learning and broaden their professional experience.

Tell us about your educational background

After passing my baccalauréat in the S-SVT section, I knew I wanted to go into construction. However, I wasn't sure of my choice and the field I was aiming for was very broad. So I decided to continue my studies at the EPF, a general engineering school. My training and work placements naturally led me towards steel construction.

Why did you choose our Booste Graduate Programme?

I knew about the Graduate Programme and it was the ideal type of programme for me. As someone with little experience, I was apprehensive about the world of work and wanted to be sure of being supported at the start of my career. What's more, the BOOSTE programme offers the chance to try out several different professions. This was an opportunity to better define my career plan. Fayat Métal contacted me through its recruitment manager. I was impressed by the strong commitment of the people involved, with whom I was able to talk during the recruitment phase. Today I think I've made the right choice by joining this programme.

How did your integration go?

I was delighted to see the quality of it, despite the short time between the announcement of my recruitment and the actual date on which I took up my post. First of all, I was accompanied by Fayat Métal's recruitment manager and HR director, who made themselves available and kept a close eye on my arrival at Fayat Métal. I was then taken in hand at ACML by my supervisor, the ACML Pricing Manager. The staff are used to recruiting young people undergoing training, which gave me the confidence to ask my colleagues for information and get involved in the projects. The commitment of the various people I was able to talk to made my integration a great success.


Interview de Antoine HAAR

Interview of Antoine HAAR

What do you expect from this Booste?

First of all, I hope that this programme will enable me to discover the job that I like and that suits me best. Secondly, this programme seems relevant to me because the jobs I'll be doing cover all the different phases of a project, from preliminary design to execution. This aspect really attracted me to this graduate programme because I'll be able to be versatile, develop a global vision of a project and also gain undeniable professional experience. What's more, I find all the jobs on offer interesting and I can't wait to discover them all!

Define in 1 sentence or 3 words Booste

This is a great opportunity for young engineers heading for the steel construction sector to discover four different professions and find their chosen field within a major group.

Tell us about your educational background.

After taking a BAC S, I decided to do a DUT in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction because I was attracted by the construction industry and I wanted both a scientific and technical education. This course enabled me to discover the world of building and public works and to acquire a wide range of basic skills in different areas of construction. My first two work experiences as an intern helped me to understand the expectations of the company and, above all, gave me the desire to continue my studies at engineering school.

Following this DUT, I joined the Polytech Clermont-Ferrand engineering school in Civil Engineering. My training enabled me to consolidate my knowledge, particularly in the strength of materials, the dimensioning of structures and site organisation and management. Through two work placements in two different fields, public works and structural steelwork, I found the sector I wanted to move into.

Why did you choose our Booste Graduate Programme?

At the end of my Civil Engineering studies, I wanted to go into structural steelwork, but I didn't know exactly what job I wanted to do or at what stage of a project. Even though I had a few ideas, I was still wondering whether I would like this job and whether it was really for me. The idea of doing a Graduate Programme came naturally to me, so that I could do several different jobs and give my professional life a better direction. But after discovering Booste at Fayat Métal, I knew this was the programme for me! It met all my expectations and I had to seize the opportunity.

How did your integration go?

My first assignment as a design engineer at Castel et Fromaget went very well. I started by working on small projects to train myself, then gradually moved on to more interesting and complex projects. In the space of a few months, I developed my skills in calculating steel structures and gained a certain amount of independence and self-confidence! I've also integrated very well with the company's staff, and I'd like to thank them for sharing and passing on their knowledge and experience on a daily basis.

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