Homme avec ses EPI sur une grue

Beaucaire factory - Renovation of the 2X55T gantry

Renovation of downstream valves at the Beaucaire plant.

Homme avec ses EPI sur une grue


As part of a major work program aimed at renovating the downstream valves of the Beaucaire factory, it is necessary to make the operation of the 2x55t gantry more reliable, which will be in high demand in the years to come. Our services include :

  • The creation of an exhaustive point 0 of the operation of the gantry (hardware and software), the expertise of the particular points of the gantry (lifting cables, localized cracks, running tracks, etc.).
  • Anti-corrosion treatment of the structure and sheet metal of the trolley shed or their replacement if necessary.
  • Renovation of the layout of the steering bearing tracks, mechanical elements of the RD and RG trolleys.
  • Expertise in bogie lifting cylinders.
  • Replacement of the 2 rail clamps.
  • Renovation of the 500kg jib, motors.
  • Steering and Lifting.
  • Replacement of the RD trolley lifting variator and access lighting and the work area,
  • The new replacement of the cockpit to improve ergonomics and the integration of radio control, the replacement of all the limit switches,
  • Resumption of programming of the automaton, processing of all Non-Conformities in order to meet regulatory requirements.


2 lifting trolleys each can be coupled


Auxiliary lifting capacity

37 meters

Lifting stroke