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Des synergies au service de l'innovation
Innovation is central to our priorities and is an essential value of the division and its companies. Rather than passively supporting innovation, we aim to actively innovate. To do so, we have developed a wide range of partnerships and work with institutions developing this approach, including schools like Polytechnique, because today's young talents will drive tomorrow's innovations, but also associations and unions such as CISMA, CTICM, SCMF, Construir'Acier and many others, to keep in touch with the whole steel sector and be at the cutting edge of innovation on our business lines.
Every day, we take on technical challenges using our technological expertise. Starting with BIM, Building Information Modelling, which our companies specialise in and use on our customers' projects. Several projects using BIM that we've worked on have won awards, such as the Roland-Garros greenhouses, a project recognised at the Tekla France BIM Awards 2018 (sports and relaxation project category) or the Euler glass roof, a project recognised at the 2016 Tekla France BIM Awards and Tekla Global BIM Awards.
This innovative capability also enables us to develop more sustainable construction. Our multi-material construction expertise is recognised and allows us to meet the latest environmental requirements, which is essential for our customers. Once again, we are working on innovative projects at the cutting edge of construction. Several projects demonstrate this, such as the CUB (Bordeaux city council) positive-energy building or the building in the Paris region with its biofaçades.